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Rediscover cycling with electric bike conversion kits

Get moving with ebike shop. Our UK-manufactured ebikes and electric bike conversion kits are perfect for getting you up and running quickly–and we offer free delivery, technical support, and a warranty.

“Upgrade Your Ride with the Smartfit Ebike Kit – Effortless Cycling Made Easy!”

Transform your ordinary bike into a powerful electric ride with the Smartfit Ebike Kit.

No need for complicated sensors – simply install this easy-to-use kit and experience effortless cycling.

Thanks to cutting-edge drone technology, the electric assistance adjusts seamlessly to your speed and incline. With a wireless LCD display, making adjustments is a breeze. This UK-built kit comes with a 20 mile battery and ships to you in just 5 days. Upgrade your ride today!

FREE Bluetooth LCD Display with Electric bike Conversion Kits

LCD digital display powered by your eBike kit to adjust your assistance level. Displays alter depending on the ebike kit you choose.

Your LCD display allows you to adjust the power assistance during your ride. Some models also show speed and distance. The Smart wireless display uses Bluetooth technology.

Each order of an ebike conversion kit arrives complete with a LCD Digital Display. Price: £49.99 FREE*

free LCD display with ebike conversion kits
Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again
Thanks for your speedy response. And on a Friday evening! Thanks so much.
Wooopee doo! I am just back from an amazing ‘first ride’ on my bikekits conversion. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

Electric Bike Promise:

  • New eBikes for Men and Women
  • eBike Conversion Kits to Convert to Electric
  • FREE UK Mainland Delivery
  • Online Technical Support
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How to Convert to Electric in 2023

Not only is your conversion to electric quick and easy, but you can choose how to convert to an electric bicycle with three price options.

There are many ways to convert your bike to electric in 2023. We’re striving to deliver three credible options for a variety of budgets. All of our ebikes and electric bike conversion kits meet our mission to deliver affordable, reliable and UK-assembled electric bikes.

How does each electric bike option compare?

We’ve examined each of our 3 electric bike and kit options

Argos BikesElectric BikeseBike Kits
Range30 miles +22 miles +Upto 20 miles
Battery6 Ah or 10.4 Ah7 Ah6 Ah
14-day ReturnsYesYesYes
Hub MotorFrontFrontFront

How Will You Convert To Electric?

ebike kits with battery

1. We deliver electric bike conversion kits to your home and you convert your bike to electric.

new ebikes for women

2. We sell new electric bikes, for both women and men, that are made in Britain. Simply unpack and go.

convert bike to electric bike

3. We convert your new Argos bike to an electric bike. You buy from Argos and ship to us.

1. Convert To Electric With An Ebike Kit

Interested in going electric but don’t want to spend the money on a whole new ebike?

An ebike kit is the perfect way to convert your regular bike into an electric one. It’s easy to install and you can do it yourself at home. Plus, you get all the benefits of an electric bike without having to buy a brand new one.

With an ebike kit, you can easily go further and faster than before. You’ll be able to ride up most hills with ease and cover more ground without getting tired. And because it can be installed by you at home, there’s no reason not to try out an ebike kit today.

Shop for your own electric bike conversion kit today!

ebike conversion kits
You can convert your bike at home
ebikes for women
UK built men’s and women’s electric bikes

2. Buy A New Electric Bike

Looking for a great ebike that doesn’t break the bank?

We have some of the best ebikes for sale in the UK. With performance and style both taken into account, our bikes are perfect for anyone looking to join the electric bike trend.

You’ll love our ebikes because they’re affordable, stylish, and easy to use. Gain all of the health benefits of an electric bike without having to retrofit your current bicycle.

Purchase your ebike today from our shop!

3. Buy An Argos Bike And Convert It To Electric

Thinking of converting your new Argos bicycle to electric?

We can do that for you! We know that not everyone has the time or inclination to convert a bicycle themselves, so we offer a conversion service that is quick, easy and affordable.

Enjoy all the benefits of an ebike – such as increased speed, ease of use and longer rides – without any of the hassle. Plus, our conversions are performed by experienced professionals who only use high-quality ebike kits. You can rest assured that your new Argos bike will be in good hands.

With an Argos ebike conversion, you’ll have everything you need to join the trend in ebike use. Plus, our courier will deliver your new ebike conversion right to your door. Click below to find out about our ebike conversion service for Argos bicycles at an ebike shop near you.

convert Argos bike to electric bike
We Can Convert Your Argos Bike To Electric

Buy An eBike or Convert Your Bike?

Convert Argos BikeBuy eBikeBuy eBike Kit
PriceNew Bike + £799£979£499
Shipping3 – 5 Days2 – 3 Days5 Days
WarrantyElectrics OnlyFrame + ElectricsElectrics
SupportElectrics OnlyYesElectrics

Why We’re Going Electric!

Lower Your Travel Costs

With the cost of fuel and public transport on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get around without breaking the bank.

Not only is it expensive to commute using your car or getting the train, but they’re also bad for the environment.

Electric bike conversion kits are a great way to help you convert your current bicycle into an environmentally friendly mode of transport that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, you’ll be getting regular exercise while you’re at it!

ebike costs

Physical and Mental Health Improvements

Finding and keeping to an exercise activity that you enjoy can be difficult. With our busy lives, we don’t always have the time to go and be physically active outside of our daily chores, our work and our family time.

Not only is riding a bike good for your physical health, but it’s also great for your mental health. It’s a fun way to get around whether its your journey to work or popping to the shops, and it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly modes of transportation too.

Electric Bike Kits are the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy the health benefits of cycling without having to worry about finding time away from their daily routine. Our electric bike conversion kits are easy to install, and our new ebikes are available at an affordable price. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders!

Affordable eBikes and eBike Kits

Buying or converting a bike to electric can be expensive and time-consuming.

Not only is it difficult to find the money to buy an ebike or convert your current bike, but it can also be a long and frustrating wait. You have to wait for the bike to be manufactured and then shipped, which can take weeks or even months. Surely, there is another way?

Electric Bike Conversion Kits offers affordable, British-made ebikes and ebike conversion kits that are shipped to you free of charge the next working day. Our products are easy to use and install, so you can start enjoying the benefits of electric biking right away.

woman riding best ebike kit on an ebike

Our Mission To Electrify Britain

Electric Bike Conversion Kits are helping to get Britain moving! Our affordable, UK made ebikes for men and women are perfect for those who want to make cycling a part of their everyday lives. With our innovation partnership with Staffordshire University, we are developing ebike solutions that make going electric easier and cheaper. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of electric biking, so from our ebike shop we supply conversion kits as well as complete ebikes.

Where are we?

midlands based ebike shop and kit supplier
Partnership with Staffordshire University

Our home is in the heart of England. Our ongoing partnership with the innovation team at Staffordshire University gave birth to Electric Bike Kits Limited. We’re excited to continue evolving our ebikes and electric bike conversion kits and to get Britain moving!

Who are we?

ebike shop in midlands

Born out of a pandemic

Our ebike team came to being as a result of the jump in cycling activity during the lockdowns and work from home trend of 2020. Following the growth in demand for electric bikes, we’ve developed into a UK-based supplier of ebikes and kits.

As we’ve evolved, we now have dealerships with UK ebike shops and manufacturers and ebike conversion kit suppliers alike. So whether you’re looking to buy an ebike, or convert your bike to electric, we have a service to meet your budget.

Who are My Electric Bike Shop?

Based in the Midlands, Electric Bike Kits Limited is born through an innovation partnership with Staffordshire University. Currently, we are designing and modelling a revolutionary way to power regular bikes with electric to launch in the second-half of 2023. From January 2023, we will be supplying UK-made electric commuter bikes, and converting recommended Argos bicycles in electric bikes. Since 2021, our team have been bringing electric bike conversion kits to the UK.

From Workshop To You

From our bike workshop in Staffordshire, we source, stock and install ebike conversion kits and electric bicycles.

All our electric bike conversion kit installations are tested prior to being packaged and despatched by insured courier to you, the next working day.

Our factory electric bikes are UK made from proven suppliers and come with a 25 year frame guarantee.

And if you don’t see the bike you need, we can receive delivery of your traditional Argos bike, convert to electric, and send on to you the very next working day.

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