easyfit bike app controller

New Easyfit App Controller with Bluetooth

Mobile App Controller with Smartfit e-Kit

With a Smartfit eBike kit, all you need is a mobile phone. By downloading the WePower app, your mobile phone acts as a controller, dashboard, tachometer and battery indicator, all in one. You have an e-bike controller without the wires!

In fact, in our real-world testing we found that once we set our assistance level, we rarely need to use the controller functions at all. Your mobile phone can simply sit in your pocket whilst you ride – your e-bike kit works on the previous setting you used without even connecting the app. Nice and easy.

walk-through of mobile phone app for e-bike kits

1. How to install your app controller

Easily install your mobile app controller below for either Apple or Google phones.

2. How to connect your app controller

With your battery installed and switched on:

  • open the WePower app from your phone and allow all permissions
  • now tap on that magnifying glass to begin the search for Bluetooth devices
  • now select your wheel in order to connect it!
  • No PIN required- just continue or restart mobile phone if requested (this will bypass).
  • When you get a blue Bluetooth icon on your app screen, then congratulations! You have successfully paired your app to the Bluetooth in your battery.

3. How to calibrate your gyroscope

The power assist system uses magnets and a 6-axis gyroscope to understand your incline and speed. For the most efficient use of your ebike kit, you will need to calibrate for your bike from inside the app. Here’s how:

  • Place your bicycle straight and upright, on a level surface
  • Hit the cog icon at the top left of the app screen
  • Select Gyro Angle Calibration
  • Hit Calibrate

4. Choosing your level of assistance

The main function of the app controller is to choose your level of peddle assistance and monitor your speed, distance and power. In reality, you’ll likely ‘set and forget’ your assistance level. Even without connect your phone app, the e-bike conversion kit will work based on your last setting. Personally, we feel that there are possibly too many assistance options. We tend to manually set our kits to a regular 50% pedal assistance setting. We find that this balances the needs of a noticeable uplift in assistance whilst allowing for a reasonable distance within the battery life. Typically, 20 – 25 miles depending on any uphill distances covered.

Simply click on one of the preset assistance levels:

ebike kits for commuting logo
commute setting for easyfit kit
manual setting
exercise ebike setting
climbing mode on ebike kit

5. Setting your anti-theft alarm

The app controller includes an anti-theft alarm. When locking your bicycle, you are able to disable the motor and set an alarm that activates should the bicycle be moved. So, when leaving your bike somewhere, and having used a conventional bike lock, you can add an extra layer of security by activating the anti-theft alarm on your app. Just remember to deactivate the alarm before using using your e-bike! Here’s how to set the alarm on your ebike kit:

  • Open your app on your mobile phone
  • Press the padlock icon on the front page
  • You’ll find the padlock icon on the lower right-side of the app interface
  • The padlock icon changes to blue to show it is on
  • The e-bike kit will now emit an audible alarm when moved and the motor will cease to work
  • Turn the alarm off when returning to your bicycle by hitting the padlock again.
  • The padlock icon will return to grey
easyfit ebike alarm

6. Send a lost report if e-bike is stolen

Should the worse happen, you may be able to trace the location of your bicycle. Complete a lost report within the app by recording your email. Should the thief attempt to connect the app to the e-bike conversion kit, you will receive an email with the location.

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