Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit Review: How Far Will it Power a Cycle Ride?

easi-fit 2 upgrade review

Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Review

Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit Testing and Review

I was excited to try the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit, as I had been very pleased with the performance of my original Easy Fit kit from LVBU.

The original easy fit type kits gained popularity during the lockdowns of the recent pandemic. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, households began dusting off their old bikes and realised they weren’t quite as fit as they used to be. Hence, the search for an affordable e-bike solution and the rise of the e-bike conversion kit.

With only a wheel to change plus a battery to add, the easy fit kits offered an easy to install solution for the amateur cyclist. Manufactured by LVBU, they began to be sold in the UK by retailers such as Millets, Blacks and myelectricbikeshop.com and under such names as the Ultra Wheel, easi-fit e-bike kits and the Electric Bicycle Club.

The installation was a breeze and took only minutes to complete. Offering the perfect solution for a short commute or leisure ride, the small bottle battery met the needs of many fair-weather cyclists. For the more enthused cyclist, however, there was a call for a larger battery with more miles per charge. LVBU responded and have delivered a whopping 8.7 Ah battery which far exceeds current easy fit kits.

Installing the Upgraded Battery and Controller

First things first though. The transition from the original easy fit to an upgraded Easy Fit 2 took around 10 minutes. The steps required were:

  1. Remove small battery
  2. Unscrew and remove controller / holder
  3. Install new smart controller / battery holder
  4. Insert and secure bigger battery
  5. Find and calibrate new controller on WePower app

Whilst the mechanics of the fitting were straightforward and easy, there was one unexpected gremlin to resolve. My smartphone wasn’t picking up the Bluetooth of the new controller.

Not to panic though. There must be a reason. I didn’t really know what Bluetooth 5.0 means in practice but it appears to mean that you need a fairly recent smartphone.

My existing refurbished Samsung had only the traditional Bluetooth capability and so was unable to pick up the signal from the updated controller. With almost zero memory left on my current phone, and a crack in one corner, this was the jump I needed to get up to 2022 and upgrade my smartphone. So this is important…

You need a smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 capability

A simple Google search should tell you whether your current mobile phone cuts the mustard.

Test Cycle of Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit

According to the manufacturer’s website, this new kit is supposed to give you an extra 50% power, which should be plenty for my needs. So how did it perform?

The big need for the original easy fit kits was for more miles from the battery. In our tests, we managed to achieve 20 – 25 miles on a single charge. Not bad for a daily commute or stretch your legs leisure ride.

With a whopping increase from 5.8 Ah to 8.7 Ah, we were highly excited about what we could achieve with an upgraded battery. The hope was at least 30 miles and without skimping on the power-assist. What’s the point in having an assisted bike if you’re not going to hit the juice?

The cycle route and the conditions

Looking for a reasonably flat 30-mile route, I initially thought Holland. Why not? A friend had recommended Delft and it seemed more appealing than the industrial heartlands of England. That plan got rubbed quickly when I couldn’t make the ferry timings work and Eurostar apparently believes Covid means they can’t transport bicycles.

So back to England and I chose a simple, straight 30-mile route through Staffordshire and Derbyshire finishing near Burton-on-Trent.

For context, I should share the bicycle and set-up used for the test. Its a Carrera Crossfire hybrid weighing in at 15kg and with a rider tipping the scales at over 90kg. Additionally, there are two bags to support an overnight stay and a bag rack. The wheels are 700C with 40mm tyres. So we’re not talking Triathalon carbon fibre here – more a plump leisure ride on a touring type set-up.

Without boring readers with too much detail, I hadn’t factored for a headwind that faced me the entire journey. And why wouldn’t it when I’m cycling in a straight line? Just another external constraint to factor in when all is said and done.

Of course, I kept the Strava map of the route to show timings and distance.

Results of the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit Test

That’s 30 miles passed with a fair bit of juice still to go. I kept the assistance setting at 60% for most of the trip with an increase to 70% for some hill sections.

All considered, I’m very happy with the results. It means that there are so many more leisure rides now available to me. The jump from 20 plus miles to 30 plus miles really does make a difference.

Buy Easy Fit 2 Upgrade e-Bike Kit

If you’re looking for a powerful, easy-to-install and affordable e-bike conversion kit, the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit is a great option. This kit can easily be installed on any standard bicycle with an existing ‘Easy Fit’ type wheel. It provides plenty of power to take you on long rides and is also one of the more affordable kits on the market. Retailing at £399 in the UK, it makes a great option for those with a current kit who are looking to extend their battery range on a budget.

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