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Make your cycling easier and smarter with an ebike conversion kit with battery

Reinvent the way you cycle with our state-of-the-art technology. Take the hassle out of uphill riding and add a new level of excitement to your daily commutes with our smart and easy to install eBike conversion kits with battery.

Our kits come equipped with motor and battery for easy and all-inclusive installation, turning your regular bike into an efficient and eco-friendly electric bike. Featuring compatible options with a range of regular bikes including shopping, leisure, commuter, and road bikes, our eBike conversion kits are designed to fit any need.

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ebike conversion kit with battery

Ebike Conversion Kits Explained

An ebike conversion kit with battery can be a great way to convert your regular bicycle into an electric one, giving you a little boost as you ride. There are many different types and brands of kits available, so it can be tricky to figure out which one is right for you. In this guide, we’ll explain the different types of kits available and help you choose the best one for your needs.

  • Types of ebike kits available in UK
  • How an ebike conversion kit with battery works
  • Price comparisons of the best ebike kits

Are you looking to upgrade your bike to the next level – an electric one? With ebike conversion kits, you can do just that. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to convert a traditional bicycle into an easy ride with battery-powered assistance. But before taking the leap and investing in an ebike conversion kit with battery, many have questions about how they work and if it’s worth making the switch. We’re here to provide answers on what ebike conversion kits are all about and everything else cyclists should consider when thinking of converting their bike!

What’s in an eBike Conversion Kit with Battery?

Converting a regular bike into an ebike is an exciting prospect, but it can be intimidating trying to figure out what you will need! It’s reassuring to know that even the cheapest electric bike conversion kit has come a long way in recent years, thanks to the work done in focusing on fewer components and easier installation. Although every ebike conversion kit is different, there are a few must-have parts. Among these items are:

  • electric wheel with motor
  • battery
  • internal controller
  • sensor

Kit parts which are no longer needed are:

  • brake levers
  • throttle
  • controller box
best ebike conversion kit with battery
Parts in an ebike conversion kit with battery
electric wheel with motor for ebike kits

An electric bike wheel with a motor replaces your front wheel.

controller ebike conversion kits jpg

The power applied to the electric wheel is managed by a controller.

battery for ebike conversion kits

The power to the motor and ebike conversion kit is provided by an ebike battery.

PAS sensor ebike conversion kits jpg

Whether power is required is determined by a pedal assist sensor or alternative.

brake sensors in an electric bike kit

Brake sensors are unnecessary. Simply stop pedalling and the power is cut.

digitl display for ebike conversion kits

You will need a digital display to show battery levels and adjust power.

throttle in an ebike conversion kit with battery

No need for illegal throttles. Simply turn your pedals and the power switches on.

What are the Benefits of a Conversion Kit?

Investing in one of the best ebike conversion kits is a great way to add some extra power to your ride. This electric bike kit with battery has many great benefits, such as improved battery performance, cost savings compared to buying a new electric bike, and the ability to customise your existing bike frame with increased speed and longer range. In addition, you’ll have access to the latest technological advances in motors and batteries without any additional modifications.

Plus, installation of an e-bike conversion kit can take as little as an hour– allowing you to quickly switch from pedal-only biking to electrically enhanced biking with minimal hassle. So if you’re looking for more ease or comfort out of your current bike, or want to join the electric biking revolution of low emissions and efficient mode of transportation-ebike conversion kits are definitely worth considering!

Which Types of Ebike Conversion Kit Battery is Best?

If you are looking for the right battery to use with an ebike conversion kit, bottle batteries are worth considering. They can easily provide a range of at least 25 miles and are light enough that they won’t add too much weight to your existing bike. Bottle batteries also come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits your specific needs and budget. Additionally, bottle batteries feature quick recharge times and low maintenance requirements, making it much easier to stay on top of their care over time.

bottle battery ebike conversion kit

Bottle Battery Ebike Kits

Bottle batteries are the go-to power source for ebike conversion kits. This type of battery gets its name from the container shape that is used to store and hold it in place. The bottle battery ensures that plenty of energy is supplied to the system since it has more space to fit larger batteries ranging from 6Ah up to 11Ah. With bottle batteries, cyclists are able to mount them onto almost any part of their bike frame. This is why bottle batteries are such popular options for those looking for the best e-bike conversion kit with battery. Regardless of which bottle battery is purchased, every bottle battery serves one purpose: powering the electric bike and providing a long ride!

Have you heard of Easyfit e-Bike Conversion Kits?

We are thrilled to offer you our fully road-legal Easifit eBike conversion kits that are incredibly easy to install with a one-year warranty. We have proudly received some amazing feedback from our customers which you can check out in our electric bike review section and see how they’re enjoying their ebike rides!

What is so easy about the Easifit kits?

Installing our electric bike conversion kit is as easy as plugging in a single cable. You’ll spend minutes, not hours, setting it up, no specialist technical knowledge needed. Plus, there’s no need for a pedal sensor, making it simpler to install than regular kits. With a maximum speed of 15.5mph, it’s fully road legal. And the free wireless display means even less clutter and hassle. You’ll be out on the road in no time, quicker than ever before!

What is included in the Easifit kits?

  • Electric front wheel
  • High-quality lithium battery (5.8AH)
  • One cable installation
  • Battery Charger CE Marked
  • Spanner and Allen Keys
  • Easy install video for Easifit kit
  • 14-day return plus 1-year warranty
  • FREE wireless digital display controller
front ebike conversion kit battery

Front Battery Ebike Conversion Kits

Front battery ebike conversion kits are proving to be an increasingly viable option for commuters looking for convenience and style. Compared to traditional battery configurations, front battery systems offer a much more user-friendly experience with the battery sitting either in a bag or form-fitting casing on the front handlebar. Pioneers of this type of front battery kit such as Swytch have pushed the boundaries with their sleek and modern design, providing both a more aesthetically pleasing look and improved storage capabilities. However, with front system batteries being smaller than regular sizes this means compromising on range – it remains to be seen whether front ebike conversion kits are reliable and long lasting enough to become an industry standard.

Rear Rack Electric Bike Kits

Rear rack batteries, also known as pannier batteries, are a great option for those looking to convert their regular bike into an electric one. These batteries are designed to fit discreetly onto existing racks, like the ones commonly found on tour and shopping bikes from popular brands such as Pendleton. Battery sizes range from 7 Ah to 11 Ah, securely encased within a lockable frame so you never have to worry about theft. Leisure cyclists rejoice – pannier bags can be easily attached over the ebike conversion kit and rear rack battery, making them almost unnoticed! These bottle batteries are a popular choice for those looking to go from conventional cycling to electric biking in no time.

rear rack battery in an ebike conversion kit

Which e-Bike Kit Is Best For You?

best ebike conversion kit with battery

The scores are in..

When shopping for the best ebike conversion kit, the two most popular battery types are the traditional bottle battery and the rear rack battery.

It can be time consuming to compare features, price and delivery times, so here is a quick comparison of these two options. If price is your main criteria, you’re in luck as both kits have identical prices of £529. Delivery time won’t be an issue either; both batteries can arrive at your doorstep within a few days from stock in the UK.

The only slight difference between the two is battery size – the bottle has a 10.4 Ah capacity whilst the rack battery has 10 Ah. But otherwise these two ebike conversion kits with battery are quite similar in terms of quality, price and availability..

Rear Rack e-Bike Conversion KitBottle Battery e-Bike Conversion Kit
Delivery3 Days3 Days
Battery10 Ah10.4 Ah
Range30 miles +30 miles +
WheelCyclotricity UKCyclotricity UK
DisplayLCD DigitalLCD Digital
ThrottleNot requiredNot required
Installation2 hours2 hours

Looking to make your bike commute a breeze? With our Intelligent eBike Kits, you can convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike in just minutes! The kit includes a motorised wheel, battery, and intelligent peddle assist – so you’ll be cruising along at speeds of up to 15.5 mph with ease. Plus, there’s no need for any complicated installation – just swap out your front wheel for the motorised one, install the bottle battery, and you’re good to go. Plus, we’ve included built-in GPS tracking to keep your bike safe from thieves. So why wait? Get moving with the Intelligent eBike Kit!

5.8 Ah and 10.4 Ah Bottle Battery

You have a light bulb going off in your head right now, don’t you? Since the invention of a battery that can fit within our water bottle cage and last two hours, we’re pretty sure there’s not a more inconspicuous eBike kit around. 20 Grade A lithium batteries deliver 20 to 30 miles on a single charge. Shaped to resemble a water bottle, your battery sits quietly in your water bottle cage. The 10.4 Ah bottle battery gives an impressive 30 – 40 miles per charge.

LVBU Motor for Electric Bike Kits

t’s not always easy to pedal uphill, so the e-bike motor is a fantastic invention. If you’re feeling tired or finding it difficult work while cycling, you can just use your pedalling power around the flat ground around while the electrically powered motor helps you up any hills. You’ll enjoy longer days of riding and don’t even notice you’re getting tired at all!

eBike Front Wheel

Electric bike wheels are a great way to convert your standard bicycle into an electric bike. There are many different types and brands of electric bike wheels on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Smartfit electric bike kits come with an electric front wheel and a FREE pre-fitted tyre and tube. So no more messing with tyre changes and using old equipment. Simply swap your existing wheel for a Smartfit electric wheel, connect the battery and your installation is complete!

Whether you’re looking for the best electric bike for commuting or want to hit the trails after work. the right e-bike lets you tackle longer days, steeper hills, and heavier loads. “

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How much does an e bike conversion kit cost?

Easi-FitSwytchOur Kits
Tyre includedYesNoYes
Range30+ miles15 miles30+ miles
Commute Speed15.5 mph15.5 mph15.5 mph
Power8.7 Ah2.5 Ah8.7 Ah
Digital LCD with BluetoothYesNoYes
Thumb ThrottleYesNoNo
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Next Day DeliveryNoNoYes
Availability12 weeks12 weeksToday
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So what now? By now you will have your key easy fit ebike kits questions answered. Now you’re ready to make the switch to electric, you can buy your electric bike kit here. Otherwise, please contact us with your questions.

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