Affordable UK Electric Bikes

3 types of ebikes for women and men at under £999

uk ebikes for sale

Find the perfect UK-designed ebikes uk for your needs here. Our ebike shop boasts some of the best electric bikes under £1000. All electric bikes come with free and fast delivery, technical support and warranties.

mens ebikes for sale in uk
Commuter and leisure ebikes for men in 16″ and 18″ frames.
womens ebikes for sale in uk
Commuter and leisure ebikes for women with step-through bike frames.
leisure ebikes for sale in uk
Traditional touring bikes converted into ebikes at our workshop.

Designed in UK eBikes for 2023

Designed and supplied by a European leading ebike company, from Manchester, and manufactured by the world’s biggest bike company. Our men’s and women’s ebikes uk have years of expertise and quality manufacturing behind them.

womens electric bikes

UK eBikes for Women

Ladies, it’s time to step up your cycling game with the perfect combination of style and performance! Women’s ebikes provide a powerful boost that takes away those pesky peddling struggles. Afraid you won’t make the daily commute without breaking into a sweat? Fear no more – women’s electric bikes have got you covered with their long-lasting lithium batteries and frames made specifically for womens’ geometry. Whether you wanna cruise around town or explore new trails further than before; get set for some serious smiles ‘n’ style as these ladies e-bikes make cycling easier (and more fun). The future is here – let every ride become effortless and supercharged!

UK eBikes for Men

Get ready to explore the world on two wheels with our fantastic range of men’s ebikes! Our UK team have handpicked a selection of 16″ and 18″ frames specifically for you, so whatever your ride needs may be, we’ve got it covered. Let us do all the hard work – each ebike is designed in Britain and delivered directly to you – no assembly required! Get moving today with one of these high quality electric bikes from our collection.

mens electric bike

Leisure and Touring eBikes

Touring electric bikes are the perfect choice for a range of cycling needs from commuting to leisurely touring over varied terrain. Packed full of features like lights and mudguards, these leisure eBikes come with all the must-haves you’ll need for an extra comfortable ride, no matter how far or long! And if that wasn’t enough practicality boasts – many UK touring eBikes have pannier racks so you can bring your luggage along too.

Touring ebikes feature optimised riding geometry suited for long distance rides across varied terrain; so that no matter how far off the beaten track you go – comfort won’t be compromised during those extended stays in the saddle.

Ready equipped straight out of the box – just pick your destination and go explore those roads in style!

Go Electric With Affordable eBikes in UK!

Buying an electric bike is becoming more affordable as demand becomes mass market and technology is improving. What’s more, the quality is improving as large European bike manufacturers scale up production. Our e-bike shop, for instance, only stocks ebikes designed in the UK and manufactured by the world’s largest bike company.

Save money and the planet with this one simple switch

With the burden of rising costs, it’s becoming harder and costlier to get around. Public transport ticket prices are increasing while fuel continues to burn a hole in your pocket – not to mention the environment. An electric bike offers an ideal way out; you can convert your commute into one that runs electrically without compromising your budget or damaging mother nature! Bonus: It also helps keep you fit with daily exercise as part of its perks!

New and Affordable eBikes – without the wait!

Going green on two wheels has never been easier! From our ebike shop, you can now get an affordable and British-designed ebike within a few days – no long wait times required. And they’re as easy to cycle as one-two-three so that your ride will be ready for the road in a matter of minutes. Get going with electric biking today and start experiencing the benefits right away!

Start feeling the health benefits today with a fitness activity you can actually enjoy

ebike kit warranty

Warranties on Ebikes and Ebike Kits

At Electric Bike Kits Limited, we are proud to offer our customers a range of exceptional warranties for ebikes and conversions kits. Our trusted manufacturers set their own length of warranty for each item, generally lasting a year or more. In the event that you need to make a claim, our engineers will liaise with the manufacturer’s engineers to assess and resolve the technical issue as quick as possible. Any decision on whether parts need to be replaced or repaired lies with the manufacturer.

On top of this incredible guarantee, we also have a fourteen-day right to change your mind. If you’re unsure about any part of eBike’s warranties and returns process, please check out our Warranty & Refunds page online.

With us, you can trust in knowing that we have your back. So why wait? Keep browsing and pick up one of our amazing ebikes or conversion kits – secure within the knowledge all your warranty needs are taken care of.

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