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Argos Electric Bikes

My Electric Bike Shop is the perfect solution for anyone looking to convert their Argos bike into an electric bike. Our experienced engineers install your ebike kit onto your Argos bicycle, so you can enjoy all the benefits of an electric bike without any of the hassle. Plus, we take delivery of your Argos bike, install the conversion kit, and forward it to you with free and fast delivery – so there’s no installation required on your part! You’ll receive your brand new Argos electric bicycles as new, and be able to start enjoying all the benefits of electric biking right away.

Which Argos Bikes Can You Convert?

Argos is well-known for stocking reliable, cost effective bikes and their product reviews are a testament to the quality of their bicycles. However, Argos’ range of electric bikes seems to fit more into the bland and not very attractive category. But there is an interesting alternative: purchasing a regular bike from Argos and transforming it into an electrically powered ride. This opens up Argos’ variety of electric bikes tenfold and gives you the freedom to own an stylish electric bike, customised to meet your exact specifications.

How To Convert Argos Bikes To Electric Bikes

argos electric shopping bike

Step 1: Find the Argos bike you’d like to buy

Argos has a wide range of regular bicycles on offer, even at the most affordable price range. We have expertise in converting Argos shopping bikes with rear rack frames into electric bikes. This type of Argos bike is perfect for transforming into a powerful e-bike! With Argos providing such an extensive selection, we’ve selected the best Argos regular bikes that can be electrified and listed them below. Be sure to check back here often if you’d like to see our latest collection.

argos mens ebike
Argos Mens Hybrid CRX500
argos daisy electric bicycle
Cross Daisy Bike – 26 inch wheel
argos womens shopping ebike
Cross Millie Bike – 700C wheel

Step 2: Buy your bike from Argos and deliver to us

Choosing our workshop address when ordering your bike from Argos is the first step towards getting an electric ebike. You can easily have it delivered directly to our workshop on any Tuesday or Thursday. Just let us know know your chosen delivery schedule when ordering your Argos ebike conversion. Once it has arrived, our expert team at the workshop will start converting your Argos bike right away. With Argos, you can track your delivery in real-time so you always know when it’s arriving. Plus, you will be able to follow along as we install the electric bicycle conversion kit on your new bike! It’s an efficient process that is as simple as 1-2-3.

electric bike workshop
fast and free delivery of ebike kits

Step 3: We deliver your Argos converted electric bike

Get ready to take on the streets in style with your new electric bike! Our conversion process is fast and easy – we’ll have your Argos ebike converted and delivered within 2-3 days. We package the ebike conversion kit and battery in the same cardboard box that Argos used for delivery, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride. And if you ever run into any trouble, don’t worry – instructions are included that will show you how to use your conversion kit, as well as provide access to our technical support team.

Get on board with us today and make the switch from pedal power to electric!

Have Questions About Argos Electric Bikes?

    Electric Bikes in 2023

    Our Argos and Halfords bikes, converted to electric, will be ready for shipping to you, on next-day UPS, in 2023.

    mens argos hybrid electric bicycle
    Converted Argos Hybrid Electric Bike
    argos shopping bike converted to electric bike
    Converted Argos Daisy Classic eBike
    Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again
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    Wooopee doo! I am just back from an amazing ‘first ride’ on my bikekits conversion. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

    Who are My Electric Bike Shop?

    Based in the Midlands, Electric Bike Kits Limited is born through an innovation partnership with Staffordshire University. Currently, we are designing and modelling a revolutionary way to power regular bikes with electric to launch in the second-half of 2023. From January 2023, we will be supplying UK-made electric commuter bikes, and converting recommended Argos bicycles in electric bikes. Since 2021, our team have been bringing electric bike conversion kits to the UK.

    From Workshop To You

    From our bike workshop in Staffordshire, we source, stock and install ebike conversion kits and electric bicycles.

    All our electric bike conversion kit installations are tested prior to being packaged and despatched by insured courier to you, the next working day.

    Our factory electric bikes are UK made from proven suppliers and come with a 25 year frame guarantee.

    And if you don’t see the bike you need, we can receive delivery of your traditional Argos bike, convert to electric, and send on to you the very next working day.

    technical support for ebike conversion kits with battery

    Have a question about going electric? We’ll get back to you the same day

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