best ebike conversion kit in uk

26 Inch eBike Kit with Battery and Wheel

26 Inch eBike Kit with Battery and Wheel


26 inch Electric Bike Kit with Battery

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**26 inch size from UK stock. Use your existing tyre upto 40mm**

Upgrade your standard bike in a flash with the SimpleFit 26 inch conversion kit! Installing this easy-to-fit eBike component is quick and hassle free. Boosting speeds up to 15.5 mph, it’s perfect for leisurely rides around town while its 10.4 Ah battery provides an impressive range of 30 to 40 miles at 50% assistance, backed by YOSE 12 month warranty period – giving you peace of mind when out on two wheels! Best yet? The kit comes complete with FREE LCD digital display so that you can stay informed every step of the way during your ride without needing extra equipment or setup costs

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best ebike conversion kit in uk

UK’s Best-Value 26 inch Ebike Kit

Transform Your Bike with a 26 inch eBike Kit

BasicFit: Ride For Longer with a 26 inch Kit

Get ready for a whole new level of bike rides with BasicFit! This unique 26 inch ebike comes loaded with features such as 10.4 Ah YOSE battery, LCD digital display and Cyclotricity UK motor wheel – all adding up to over 30 miles range on each charge. Plus, you can enjoy the sleek design thanks to its hidden controller within the battery itself: convenience meets maximum value at an unbeatable price! So get your adrenaline pumping and explore further than ever before – it’s time ride smarter with BasicFit today!

What’s included in you 26 inch eBike Kit?

  • 26 inch Motorised Wheel by Cyclotricity UK
  • 10.4 Ah YOSE POWER Battery
  • FREE LCD Digital Display
  • Over 30 miles of battery-powered ebiking!
  • Hidden controller simplifies installation
  • Snap-on PAS Sensor with magnetic disc
  • 12 month warranty on 26 inch Cyclotricity wheel
  • 12 month warranty on YOSE POWER 10.4 Ah battery

FREE LCD Digital Display with 26 inch Ebike Kits

LCD digital display powered by your eBike kit to adjust assistance levels.

This LCD display is small, unobtrusive and sits neatly onto your handlebars and will display your speed and mileage.

Each order of a 26 inch e-bike conversion kit arrives complete with a LCD4 Digital Display. Price: £49.99 FREE*

LCD display controller for uk ebike kits
Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again
Thanks for your speedy response. And on a Friday evening! Thanks so much.
Wooopee doo! I am just back from an amazing ‘first ride’ on my bikekits conversion. I cannot thank you enough for your help.
battery for ebike conversion kits

10.4 Ah ebike battery for your 26 inch bike

Powerful 10.4 Ah Battery for 26 inch Ebike Kits

Ride fearlessly through any terrain with the YOSE Power ebike battery! This lightweight battery weighs in at 2.8 kg and is completely showerproof & dustproof (CE marked) for reliable performance, even during off-road adventures. Plus you’ll get an 12 month warranty plus a UK designed mount system, keys and charger – so you can explore up to 40 miles of pedal-assisted cycling with confidence!

YOSE POWEREbike Battery
Range30 – 40 miles*
Weight2.8 Kg
Dimension (inc mount)355 mm x 99 mm
Warranty12 months
*tested with typical weights, assistance, conditions

Hidden Controller for 26 inch Bikes

Ready to electrify your ride? With all the ebike kit alternatives out there, you don’t have to worry about an unsightly controller slowing down install time. Our state-of-the art solution is here! This cutting edge controller discreetly hides within a battery mount for ultimate convenience – so it’s easy peasy installing on your 26 inch bike frame and hitting the road in no time! The electric biking adventure awaits – let’s go get ’em NOW!

TypeSine Wave
internal controller for ebike conversion kits
electric wheel with motor for ebike kits

UK made 26 inch electric wheel

26 inch Electric Wheel by Cyclotricity

Make a statement with the stylish and powerful Cyclotricity 26 inch wheel! With its 250W brushless motor enclosed in 26 inch alloy rims, 13G spokes, and double-walled wheels – you’ll be ready to tackle any journey. Get your electric wheel today for modern transportation that can’t fail to turn heads. Let’s hit the road!

Size26 inch
Power36V 250W
MaterialAlloy Double Walled – Black
Installation10cm needed
Warranty12 Months
Installing a 26 inch Ebike Kit: BasicFit

Will the UK’s best-value electric bike kit work for your 26 inch bike?

If you’re looking to join the electric bike revolution, look no further than SimpleFit! To make sure your traditional UK bicycle is compatible, measure 10cm of space between its forks and 1 cm dropouts. Then let SimpleFit give you a new way to power through your journeys.

Pedal cranks are a must to keep your PAS sensor functioning properly. Be sure to affix it securely and align the disc next to it for optimal performance. A 4mm gap is needed between them, so make that measurement carefully!

Support for Fitting a PAS Sensor

For riders looking to upgrade their 26 inch bicycle with an ebike kit, a Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) must be installed. Swytch is just one of the many kits out there that requires this too!

Transform your 26 inch two-wheeler into an electric bike with our PAS conversion kit! Using the same magnetic technology as Swytch, it’s easy to install – but there is a catch. For optimal efficiency, you will need enough space between sensor and crank arm magnets for them to fit together properly. Don’t sweat it if this proves tricky though – we have got you covered with a helpful video tutorial that can guide even complete beginners through installation so they reap all of the awesome benefits a 26 inch ebike offers quickly and safely.

How to install a magnetic PAS sensor

Installing Your PAS Sensor with a Magnetic Disc

Looking to upgrade your bicycle with an ebike kit? Look no further! Thanks to the snap-on pedal assist sensor, installation has never been easier. Most 26 inch bikes require a 12 pole magnetic disc which is conveniently attached before mounting it into place. Those without compatible cranks can simply purchase an internal PAS from Amazon or their local bike shop – and some stores even provide any tools needed for removal too! Get riding in no time – ebiking kits have never been so simple!

Electric Bike Kit and Battery with 700C Wheel
easifit ebike kits

These 700C smart eBike conversion Kits are simple to install, super easy to fit, and quickly transform your standard bike into an electric bike.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 70 cm
Kit Sizes

26 inch + LCD4


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