Easifit ebike kit

700C eBike Kit with Battery and Easifit Wheel


700C eBike Kit with Battery and Easifit Wheel


700C Electric Bike Kits with Battery

New UK Stock Available

**700 stock available without tyre. Use your existing tyre upto 40mm**

These 700C eBike conversion kits are simple to fit, come with LCD displays, and quickly transform your standard bike into an electric bike. The peddle assist motors and battery offer speeds up to the UK legal limit of 15.5 mph with a typical 20 – 40 mile range, depending on your battery size.

Available in two options – Basicfit or Easifit. The Basicfit 700C ebike kits have a large 10.4 Ah YOSE battery for the more ambitious cyclists (but require a PAS sensor to be installed). The 700C Easifit ebike kits feature a smaller 5.8 Ah battery, ideal for commuting and more than twice the power of a Swytch kit. No PAS sensor is needed with the Easifit kit.

The peddle assist motor and battery offer speeds up to the UK legal limit of 15.5 mph with a typical 20 – 40 mile range, depending on your choice of ebike kit.

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700C eBike Conversion Kits

700C Cyclists: Power up your ride and choose your ebike kit!

uk best value ebike conversion kits

700C UK Ebike Kit with PAS

An ebike conversion kits with a large 10.4 Ah battery for heavy users. Needs PAS installation.

  • 700C UK Motor Wheel by Cyclotricity
  • 10.4 Ah YOSE Battery
  • FREE LCD Power Controller
  • Over 30 miles of power-assisted cycling
  • Hidden controller minimises space and clutter
  • PAS Sensor with magnetic disc
  • 12 month warranty on 700C ebike kit
  • Delivered to your door in 3 – 5 working days

*requires PAS installation but longer range

Cyclotricity ebike kits
Easifit ebike kit

700C Easifit Kit without PAS

One cable solution with 5.8 Ah battery for commuting and leisure.

  • The UK’s best-rated electric bike kit
  • 5.8 Ah Bottle Battery with 12 month warranty
  • Includes wireless LCD Digital Display
  • No sensor or controller to install
  • Up to 20 miles typical cycling
  • Wheels built in UK
  • UK stock and warranty
  • Delivered to your door in 5 working days

*no PAS installation needed but shorter range

LVBU easifit ebikes

Ebike Conversion Kits for 700C Wheel Sizes

If you own a hybrid, road, or commuter bike, chances are you have 700C wheels. Not sure? Check the markings on your tire – common sizes are 700C x 32, 700C x 35, 700C x 38, and 700C x 40.

And if you’re looking to upgrade to an electric wheel, no worries – our 700C ebike kits are compatible with this wheel size. Swap your tyre over and you’re good to go!

Of-course, you’ll need to check your fork dimensions too!

700C bike kit

Ebike Batteries for 700C Bicycles

battery for ebike conversion kits
YOSE POWEREbike Battery
Range30 – 40 miles
Weight2.8 Kg
Dimension (inc mount)355 mm x 99 mm
Warranty12 months
easifit ebike battery
LVBU EasifitEbike Battery
Range20 miles*
Weight1.5 Kg
Dimension (inc mount)260 mm x 95 mm
Warranty12 months
*typical journey, conditions, 60 kg rider weight

Electric Wheels for 700C Bikes

Looking for an easy way to convert your traditional bike into an electric one? Look no further than our UK-made 700C wheel options. Whether you choose our Basicfit kit with a Cyclotricity wheel made in Scotland, or our Easifit wheel with a hand-built wheel from the Midlands, you can trust in the quality and convenience of our products. By assembling everything right here in the UK, we’re able to offer faster shipping and greater flexibility for our 700C ebike kits. And when your new electric wheel arrives, all you need to do is swap it for your old one, add your existing tyre and tube, and get ready for a smoother, more powerful ride.

Easifit ebike wheel

LCD Display for Power Control

LCD display controller for uk ebike kits

FREE LCD Power Controller with 700C BasicFit kits

easifit wireless display

FREE wireless LCD display with 700C Easifit ebike kits

Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again
Thanks for your speedy response. And on a Friday evening! Thanks so much.
Wooopee doo! I am just back from an amazing ‘first ride’ on my bikekits conversion. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

Say GoodBye to Controller Boxes!

Say goodbye to clunky and complicated bike controllers! Our 700C ebike kits come with streamlined and powerful hidden controllers for easy installation and optimal performance.

internal controller for ebike kits

Basicfit controller uses a wired LCD display and requires a PAS sensor to be installed to your bike frame.

easifit controller without PAS

Easifit controller uses wireless Bluetooth and needs no PAS sensor.

Which 700C eBike Kit Will You Choose?

uk best value ebike conversion kits

Longer range but needs PAS sensor. Best for long rides and some mechanical knowledge.

Easifit ebike kit

Simpler but shorter range. Best for commuting.

Battery10.4 Ah5.8 Ah
PAS sensor neededYesNo
UK Electric Wheel 700CYesNo
LCD DisplayWiredWireless
Internal ControllerYesYes
Delivery3 – 5 Days5 – 7 Days
Warranty12 Months12 Months
Comparison of BasicFit vs Easifit Kit

700C Fitting Measurements

Ready to upgrade your bike with an Easifit ebike kit? Hold up! Make sure your bike’s traditional dropouts have 10mm of spacing within the frame-dropout and 100 mm between them. Don’t let an incompatible purchase deflate your cycling excitement! Double check before you buy.

electric wheel 10mm
100mm fork for ebike wheel
electric bike wheel for easifit

Our ebike kits arrive equipped with dependable 250W front hub motors, which have been extensively tested and utilised in ebike kits worldwide. They are compatible with most standard fork designs, but if you’re uncertain about compatibility, use our user-friendly dimensions chart to measure your fork width and ensure a seamless fit.

Worried your bike’s front forks might be too narrow for an electric motor? No need to stress – our handy measurements can help ensure a proper fit before you buy. With precise numbers that meet all your hub motor needs, you can order with confidence and transform your regular bike into a modern electric ride!

Have Questions About a 700C eBike Kit?

    Electric Bike Kit and Battery with 700C Wheel
    easifit ebike kits

    These 700C smart eBike conversion Kits are simple to install, super easy to fit, and quickly transform your standard bike into an electric bike.

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    700C Easyfit with 5.8 Ah battery – No PAS needed, 700C Basicfit with 10.4 Ah battery – PAS needed

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