Easifit ebike kit

Easifit Ebike Kit


Easifit Ebike Kit


Are you looking for an affordable and practical way to get around? Say hello to the Easifit ebike kit – the easiest and most hassle-free way to convert your bike to an ebike!

You can install it in just one cable, and it works with both disc and rim brakes for 26″ or 700C wheels. Plus, you’ll get a free wireless LCD display to finish off your kit!

No need for complicated PAS installations like other kits – this one is simple and easy to use. You’ll love rediscovering the joy of your commute with the Easifit ebike conversion.

And the best part? Your Easifit kit will arrive in just days with FedEx delivery to UK mainland. Don’t wait any longer to make your ride easier, faster, and more fun with the Easifit ebike kit!

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Easifit eBike Kits

The one cable, easy to fit electric bike kit by LVBU

EasyFit eBike Kit

includes FREE Wireless LCD Display

£549 + UK Delivery

  • The UK’s best-rated electric bike kit
  • 5.8 Ah Bottle Battery with 12 month warranty
  • Includes wireless Digital Display
  • No sensor or controller to install
  • Wheels built in UK
  • UK stock and warranty
  • Delivered to your door in 5 working days
  • 5 Day Delivery by Fedex / DHL

26″ and 700C kit sizes in UK stock

Easifit ebike kit by LVBU

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Official UK supplier of LVBU Easifit Kits
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Your Easifit Ebike Kit is Here

Make your daily commute more exciting and save time with the UK’s #1 best-rated electric bicycle kit! Easifit Ebike by LVBU takes away all the hassle of traditional installations, requiring only one cable to get up and running. Plus, you don’t need additional parts or sensors – UK stock is available right now without wait times so far away shipping delays are a thing of past. With its 5.8Ah battery providing almost 20 miles on assisted biking range plus free wireless LCD display for effortless control, this amazing ebike upgrade comes complete with 12 month warranty from LVBU as well as helpful setup videos that’ll help you start having fun in no time at all!

  • LVBU 5.8 Ah battery with 12 months warranty
  • UK built motor wheel with LVBU motor
  • One cable install – setup in minutes
  • FREE Wireless LCD Display and Control
Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again
Thanks for your speedy response. And on a Friday evening! Thanks so much.
Wooopee doo! I am just back from an amazing ‘first ride’ on my bikekits conversion. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

What’s in your Easifit ebike kit?

Ready to take your biking experience up a notch? With the Easifit ebike kit, you can upgrade any ride and make it an exciting adventure! Thanks to the one cable design solution, installation is easy with just four parts – electric wheel, bottle battery; mounts for that battery; and wireless LCD controller. All of this comes together for effortless commuting or leisure cycling. Don’t wait another day – get ready to go on thrilling journeys by upgrading today with easifit ebike conversion kits!

  • electric motor wheel built by hand in UK
  • 5.8 Ah LVBU battery with 12 months warranty
  • Battery holder with intelligent controller
  • FREE LCD display with Bluetooth – no wire!

Kit parts you no longer need with an Easifit are:

  • no PAS sensor required
  • say no to brake levers, throttles or controller boxes
easifit ebikes
Key parts of your Easifit Bottle Battery Kit

Who Makes This Electric Bike Kit?

Step up your ride with the Easifit Kit—the powerful and easy to install ebike kit from pioneers LVBU that’s conveniently available in the UK. With years of research and development, their unique system eliminates any need for a pedal sensor! Our official supplier relationship offers direct access to LVBU engineering teams plus fast replacement parts when you need them most. Plus, our unique partnership agreement allows us to build wheels using LVBU motors right here in the UK; so you can get your hands on this revolutionary conversion kit within days instead of weeks! Get ready to experience speed like never before – choose Easifit Kit by LVBU today!

Electric Wheel Built in UK

Step out in style with LVBUs electric wheel designed and assembled right here in the UK. Its sleek 250W brushless motor is cleverly integrated into either 700C or 26″ sizes, making it ideal for commuting or travel! Crafted with high-quality wheels by Ryde & Mavic plus Sapim spokes to survive everyday wear and tear – this superior design has an alloy rim ready to take on power ebike adventures!

Sizes26 inch and 700C Ryde Rims
Motor36V 250W
PositionFront Hub
MaterialsAlloy Double Walled Polished Rim
Compatibility100 mm between forks
UK electric bike wheel for Easifit

easifit ebike battery

5.8 Ah Battery by LVBU

With this convenient and powerful 5.8 Ah battery, push your ebike conversion to the next level! Enjoy about 20 miles of reliable power-assisted rides for every charge – all in a lightweight 1.5 kg package that’s guaranteed waterproof & dustproof (CE marked) complete with 12 month warranty on top. Plus, rest assured knowing you have total control thanks to its specially designed mount accompanied by two keys plus an official charger – so hit those trails today without any worries!

*varies according to weight, conditions and assistance

Your LVBU battery comes with a USB charge-point and a easy on/off switch, both of which are protected with rubber seals.

lvbu easifit battery

Intelligent GPS Controller

Hop on board your electric bike adventure without worrying about installation hassles. Our cutting-edge GPS and gyroscope controller is discretely hidden within the battery mount, so you don’t have to worry about an unattractive addition ruining its aesthetic appeal! With over 5 years of research and development under our belt, there’s no need for a pedal sensor either – all that stands between you and cycling bliss are some simple steps away. Let’s get revving those wheels today!

PositionBuilt into Battery Mount
Power36V 15A
TypeSine Wave
Exclusively manufactured by LVBU
easifit controller for ebike conversions
electric wheel with motor for ebike kits

Make every ride an adventure – with a motorised front wheel, conquering your commute is now a breeze!

easifit controller without PAS

Coast along effortlessly with the Easifit bike kit – it’s built-in controller housed in a convenient battery mount allows for easy installation.

easifit ebike battery

Lightweight but powerful to handle your commute, enjoy your cycling with this 5.8 Ah ebike battery.

easifit wireless display

Stay on top of your electric bike game with a wireless LCD display! Keep track of your ride and adjust power in real time.

brake sensors in an electric bike kit

Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride – no need to worry about brake sensors! Just stop pedalling and the power will be cut automatically.

ebike kit without PAS sensor

Say goodbye to the days of complicated installation and PAS sensors! The Easyfit E-bike Kit comes with an intelligent controller that takes care of all the hard work.

throttle in an ebike conversion kit with battery

Don’t let the power of your motor go to waste! Put those pedals into action and achieve improved performance with a simple, legal solution.

FREE LCD Display Controller with Bluetooth

LCD controller powers by your eBike kit to adjust the assistance level of your ride – without the need for wires!

Not only can you quickly and easily adjust your power assistance, you receive real time information on your ride, including speed and distance.

Each order of an e-bike conversion kit arrives complete with a Bluetooth LCD Controller. Price: £49.99 FREE*

easifit wireless display with Bluetooth

Fitting Requirements

Before you take the plunge and order your Easifit ebike kit, be sure to double check that traditional dropouts have 10mm of spacing within the frame-dropout and 100 mm between them. Otherwise, an incompatible purchase could definitely ruin those cycling vibes!

electric wheel 10mm
100mm fork for ebike wheel
electric bike wheel for easifit

The LVBU is a reliable front hub motor, regularly tested and proven in Easifit kits for up to 5 years. It’s designed with most standard forks in mind but if you’re unsure about compatibility just measure your fork width against our handy dimensions chart – making sure it’ll be the perfect fit!

Are your bike’s front forks narrower than usual? Don’t worry – the LVBU electric wheel diagram can help you check to make sure it will fit before you order. Get precise measurements that meet all of your hub motor needs, buy with confidence, and turn any traditional ride into a modern ebike!

Why no PAS sensor?

Great question! Enjoy the power of drone-grade intelligence and technology in your ebike with Easifit’s intelligent, PAS-free kit! As you ride along, gyroscopes and sensors calculate the perfect amount of pedal assistance for speed or incline – no PAS sensor required. And if you need to slow down? No problem: just apply brakes and feel all that high tech goodness shut off automatically.

More than just a way to get around, Easifit kits revolutionise the cycling experience by integrating cutting-edge drone technology into ebike software. Get ready for an effortless ride with intelligent algorithms that take your speed and incline into consideration as it provides perfect power assistance – no annoying pedal sensors or brake sensors necessary! Plus you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that when you hit the brakes, your bike’s power is stopped instantly so you can stay safe on those tricky downhills.

LVBU ebike kit without pedal sensor
  • Integrated gyroscope calculates position
  • Integrated peddle assist sensors
  • Automated motor sensor
  • Includes anti-theft GPS tracking
  • No need for PAS or brake sensor fitting
ebike kit without PAS
  • Induction braking system
  • 6 high-sensitivity speed-measuring magnets
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Incline degrees detection
  • GPS location data for anti-theft tracking
fast delivery of electric bike kits

UK Stock and Delivery

Get your Easifit kit quickly and safely to the UK mainland with a reliable courier service. No need for stress – we’ll build your electric wheel, then despatch your kit so that it’s at your doorstep in days rather than weeks!

Warranties for eBike Kits

Investing in one of our kits comes with the assurance that your product is backed by a robust manufacturer’s warranty. If anything does happen to go wrong, you can easily open up a support ticket and have it attended to immediately—or even better yet, get advice from an expert! We’ll work hard to address any issues as soon as possible without skipping steps; if need be we can also connect you directly with the LVBU engineering team for additional help.

The warranties provided by the manufacturers are:

UK Motor Wheel12 months
Easifit 5.8 Ah Bottle Battery12 months
Battery Mount with Internal Controller12 months
All consumables and cables are without warranty.

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    Weight 10 kg
    Dimensions 70 × 20 × 20 cm

    26 inch, 700C

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