easyfit2 upgrade kit

EasyFit2 – EasyFit Upgrade for eBike Kits


EasyFit2 – EasyFit Upgrade for eBike Kits


Easy Fit Upgrade Kit

Delivers Next Day by UPS

*For existing users of ‘easy fit’ type motor wheels

Your Easy Fit Upgrade Kit is super easy and quick to install. Keep your existing Easy Fit wheel in place and swap your battery to 50% larger capacity.

**Works with all LVBU front wheels from us, easi-fitebikes, Ultra and Electric Bicycle Club. Comes with the necessary smart controller and fast charger. 

Upgrade your kit to an Easy Fit 2 and gain 50% more miles and 50% more power, in an instant.

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Upgrade your EasyFit wheel to EasyFit 2

EasyFit 2 Upgrade Kit

For Existing Easy-Fit Wheel Owners

easyfit2 upgrade kit
upgrade your easyfit to a bigger battery

EasyFit Upgrade Kit

3 Components Boost Your Easy Fit Kit With 50% More Miles and 50% More Power

easy fit controller
Smartphone Holder
easyfit2 battery dimensions
Smart Controller and Battery Holder
easyfit2 battery size
8.7 Ah Bottle Battery

New App Controller

New Smart Controller

New Bigger Battery

What’s included in our EasyFit Upgrade kit?

What’s in my EasyFit Upgrade kit?

  1. 8.7 Ah Bottle Battery – 50% Larger
  2. Smart Controller and Battery Holder
  3. 240V UK and USB-C Fast Charger
  4. FREE Holder for Smartphone
  5. Tools for fitting

This 26 inch bike kit is easy to fit, quick to install and gives peddle assisted e-bike power for 20 – 30 miles.

The 26 inch wheel is supplied with a 1.95 width tyre. Additionally, the wheel is compatible with 26 x 2; 26 x 2.1; 26 x 2.2 tyre sizes. Simply swap tyres.

What’s in your EasyFit 2 Upgrade?

This motorised ebike conversion kit is the leading easy fit design by LVBU. With a Bafang motor plus lithium batteries, the 26 inch ebike kit shortens your commute.

Official UK Supplier

LVBU ebike conversion kits
Official UK supplier of LVBU Easy Fit eBike Kits

FREE LCD Digital Display with Electric bike Conversion Kits

LCD digital display powered by your eBike kit to adjust your assistance level. Displays alter depending on the ebike kit you choose.

Your LCD display allows you to adjust the power assistance during your ride. Some models also show speed and distance. The Easifit wireless display uses Bluetooth technology.

Each order of an ebike conversion kit arrives complete with a LCD Digital Display. Price: £49.99 FREE*

free LCD display with ebike conversion kits

Thanks for advice and great kit! Just thought I’d say how happy I am with the kit. Installed it on my bike and works really well!

S Brown in Chester

“All arrived today. All fitted and superb. Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again”

Mr Woods in Norwich

Upgrading your Easy Fit kit. How does it work?

Upgrade your Easy Fit to an Easy Fit 2 without the cost of a full kit. Simply swap your existing bottle battery and smart holder with our bigger and better 8.7 Ah battery. You’ll also need an upgraded charger, due to the USB-C fast charge plus you’ll need Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity on your smartphone.

Easy to install with your existing Easy Fit wheel

Here’s the great news. For existing Easy Fit users, you don’t need to upgrade your wheel. The bigger battery, smart controller and charger are all you need to increase your mileage and power by 50%.

Bigger and better battery gives more miles and more power

easyfit2 battery size
8.7 Ah battery for easyfit 2 upgrade kit

This 8.7 Ah battery works with your existing wheel. All you need is an existing Easy Fit wheel from Ultra Wheel, Blacks, Millets, Electric Bicycle Club, SmartFit or easi-fitebikekits.

A combined 30 lithium batteries work together to deliver 8.7 Ah of power assistance. The ‘always on’ battery removes the need for the old on/off button with your existing bottle battery. Once activated, you needn’t switch on or off again. Additionally, the improved USB-C charge input delivers faster and more reliable charging.

The Bluetooth 5.0 has an improved connection to your WePower app. You’ll need to check that current smartphone has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

More Miles, More Power with EasyFit 2

Be powered by 30 Lithium-ion batteries with an internal resistance of 18mΩ, a capacity of 2900mA, and 3C high-rate discharge.

The 18650 power lithium battery has consistency, high energy density, and faster charge-discharge efficiency.

After 1000 cycles, 80% capacity still remains.

easyfit2 upgrade kit
EasyFit 2 Battery and Controller

With an easily removable battery, you can upgrade and worrying about it being noticed by thieves! The smart controller also includes an anti theft alarm that will disable the motor when moved. The GPS tracking will know your bike’s current location and email the co-ordinates should your bike be stolen.

Official UK Supplier

LVBU ebike conversion kits
Official UK supplier of LVBU Easy Fit eBike Kits

Rear Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery and Wheel
rear rack ebike conversion kit product

This 26 inch E-bike conversion kit is easy to fit, quick to install and gives peddle assisted e-bike power. Convert your bike to an e-bike quickly and easily.

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