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Mens Electric Bikes UK | New Mens eBikes by Lectro


Mens Electric Bikes UK | New Mens eBikes by Lectro


Mens Electric Bike by Lectro: Gents 16 or 18 inch Single Speed Ebikes A single speed, light aluminium electric bike ideal for commuting and urban cycling.  This Lectro mens electric bike houses a rear hub motor plus a single speed drive train for simplicity and low maintenance The 18 inch electric bike comes with 700C wheels and is powered by a 36V rear hub electric motor. The smaller 16″ ebike frame has 26 inch wheels but the same ebike battery and motor. The 7 Ah battery is designed to sit flush within the aluminium frame and to give 20 – 25 miles range over a typical commute. Ebike Technical Specification:

  • 16″ or 18″ frame made of aluminium.
  • Low maintenance single-speed.
  • 26″ or 700c x 35C tyre size.
  • 36V Shengyi Rear Hub Motor gives electric power up to the UK legal limit of 15.5 mph.
  • 7AH ebike battery sits within the internal electric bike frame.
  • Disk brake.
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Choose from 2 Mens Commuter Electric Bikes

mens large electric bike by Lectro UK
Large Commuter Ebike for Men 700c Wheel Aluminium Electric Bike 18″
small mens electric bike by Lectro
gents electric bikes made by Lectro in UK

Large 18″ Mens Commuter Ebike

Welcome to the new Lectro Ebike! Our commuter ebike has been designed for urban cyclists who want an easy and affordable way to get around town. Featuring a lightweight 700c aluminium frame, this ebike is perfect for anyone who wants a fast and efficient mode of transportation. The powerful 36V rear hub motor will help you cruise through the city with ease, while the 7AH lithium battery provides plenty of power for your commute. And thanks to the single speed gears, this ebike is easy to maintain and less weight means you can take it anywhere! Plus, the internal downtube battery means sleek and aerodynamic looks. Popular 700c x 35c tyres provide plenty of grip and stability on any surface, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable. So if you’re looking for a versatile and affordable commuter ebike, look no further than the Lectro Mens Ebike.

Small Mens Commuter Ebike with 16″ Frame

If you’re looking for a sleek, lightweight and efficient ebike to take you around town, the Mens Commuter Ebike by Lectro is the perfect choice. It has a durable aluminium frame that’s designed to be comfortable for men of all sizes, with a 16″ frame that’s suitable for heights between 5′ 3″ and 5′ 8″. The powerful 36V Shengyi rear hub motor can assist you up to speeds of 15.5mph, making it easy to zip through busy streets and traffic. The battery is also highly efficient, providing up to 7AH of power to help you reach your destination quickly and easily. What’s more, the internal downtube battery means you’ll enjoy sleek and aerodynamic looks, as well as less weight on the bike itself. Finally, the 26″ wheels and 26 x 2.1 tyres provide a smooth and stable ride on any surface.

Mens Commuter Ebikes Compared: Technical Spec

Mens 18″ FrameMens 16″ Frame
Frame Size18″ Aluminium16″ Aluminium
Mens Height5′ 8″ – 5′ 11″5′ 3 – 5′ 8″
ColourYS 768 BlackYS 9051-2 Silver
Wheels700C x 35c26″ x 2.1
MotorRear Hub 36VRear Hub 36V
SpeedUK legal 15.5 MPHUK legal 15.5 MPH
Battery7 Ah7 Ah
Range22 – 25 miles*22 – 25 miles*
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer1 Year Manufacturer
Delivery2 -3 Days UK Mainland2 – 3 Days UK Mainland
*range dependent on riding style, weight, terrain and wind speed
Weight 20 kg
Mens Sizes

18" Black, 16" Silver Grey


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