uk best value ebike conversion kits

UK Electric Bicycle Kit

UK Electric Bicycle Kit


Need an economical and practical way to get around? Look no further than electric bikes! Our UK-based kit is the best value option with 26″ or 700C wheels, along with Cyclotricty wheels, YOSE Power batteries and a free LCD digital display. No need for complicated controller installation either – just add a PAS sensor (optional bike mechanic help available from your local bike shop).

Discover the freedom of electric bikes with a UK’s best-value ebike kit that caters for both 26 inch and 700C wheel sizes. The hassle free design comes complete with an LCD digital display to control speed and track your miles. Installation is made easy by our snap together magnetic PAS disc and our pre-installed controller housed within the battery mount – perfect for those with a measure of mechanical knowledge or seek professional help from local bike mechanics. Embrace the joys of electric biking in 3 – 5 days!

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UK Electric Bicycle Kits With Battery

UK designed, built and configured electric bike kits

UK Electric Bicycle Kit

includes FREE LCD power controller

£579 + UK Delivery

  • The UK’s best-value electric bike kit
  • Big 10.4 Ah YOSE Battery with 12 month warranty
  • Includes LCD Digital Display
  • No controller to install – unlike other kits at this low price
  • UK stock and warranty
  • Delivered to your door in 3 working days
  • FAST & FREE Delivery by Fedex / DHL

26″ and 700C kit sizes in UK stock

best ebike conversion kits uk

Official UK Supplier

yose cyclotricity ebike kits
Official supplier for YOSE and Cyclotricity UK

Your UK Electric Bicycle Kit is Here

Unlock unparalleled power with the UK’s #1 best-value electric bicycle kit! Our unique design combines a 10.4 Ah battery that gives you 35+ miles of assistance and an 12 month warranty from YOSE, plus a Cyclotricity motorised wheel for superior performance. And thanks to our integrated controller, there is only one installation – just add the PAS sensor if needed (or visit your local bike shop).

  • YOSE 10.4 Ah battery with 12 months warranty
  • UK built motor wheel by Cyclotricity
  • PAS sensor installation needed
Excellent service and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again
Thanks for your speedy response. And on a Friday evening! Thanks so much.
Wooopee doo! I am just back from an amazing ‘first ride’ on my bikekits conversion. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

What’s in your UK electric bike kit?

Ride into the future with an electric bike conversion kit! Thanks to improvements in design, even basic ebike kits offer high-end features that make it easier than ever for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you’re a DIY practitioner or professional mechanic, all conversions need certain elements; these include lithium ion batteries and controllers made from reliable components like those found in leading brands. So take your ride to the next level – upgrade today with an easily affordable ebiking solution!

  • electric wheel with motor built by Cyclotricity UK
  • 10.4 Ah YOSE battery with 12 months warranty
  • UK designed battery mount with internal controller
  • FREE LCD power controller
  • Pedal assist sensor with clip-on magnetic disc

Kit parts which no longer needed in this design are:

  • say no to brake levers
  • say no to illegal throttles
  • say no to a messy controller and controller box
uk electric bicycle kit
Key parts in your UK electric bicycle kit

Who Makes This UK Electric Bike Kit?

Build an ebike like no other! We’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure you get only the best UK wheels, batteries and innovative design. Our electric wheel with motor are expertly put together in Scotland by Cyclotricity. Combine this with our powerful 10.4 Ah bottle battery, supplied by YOSE Power and backed by an 18-month warranty for your convenience – we’ve even thrown in our own special UK designed battery mount complete with internal controller so that you can install an unbeatable ebike kit at unbelievable value!

UK Electric Wheel by Cyclotricity

Move forward with power and style on Cyclotricity’s electric wheel manufactured in the UK. This ultra-modern device features a 250W brushless motor cleverly integrated into both 700C and 26″ wheel sizes – perfect for travelling or commuting! Built to survive everyday bumps and bangs, this superior design has an alloy rim complete with reinforced spokes for extra durability. Get ready to roll out – Cyclotricity is waiting!

Sizes26 inch and 700C
Motor36V 250W
PositionFront Hub
MaterialsAlloy Double Walled
Compatibility100 mm between forks
Cyclotricity electric wheel for ebikes
Cyclotricity ebike kit

YOSE ebike battery

10.4 Ah Battery by YOSE Power

Want to go further and faster with your YOSE Powered ebike conversion? Unlock the benefits of this 10.4 Ah battery, providing reliable power assisted riding for over 40 miles per charge!* With a weight of just 2.8 kg and being waterproof & dust-proof (CE marked), plus an 12 month warranty – you’ll have total peace of mind while on the road or trail. The UK designed mount holds it securely in place, ready to be unlocked with its set of keys provided alongside a UK charger – so get out there today!

Take your ride further with YOSE’s incredible 10.4 Ah Power ebike battery!

UK Designed Controller

With many ebike kit shops, you may find yourself faced with the daunting task of installing a large and unattractive controller. But not anymore! We have worked diligently to create an elegant solution – our cutting-edge controller is discreetly hidden within the battery mount for maximum convenience. Forget about installation hassles – let’s get rolling on your electric bike adventure today!

PositionBuilt into Battery Mount
Power36V/48V 15A
TypeSine Wave
Exclusively manufactured to our specifications
internal controller for electric bike conversion kits
electric wheel with motor for ebike kits

This motorised front wheel gives you a boost of energy to take those hills or longer rides in your stride.

controller ebike conversion kits jpg

Your electric bike kit is equipped with a built-in controller within the battery mount.

battery for ebike conversion kits

Enjoy a long ride with YOSE’s superior 10.4 Ah ebike battery.

PAS sensor ebike conversion kits jpg

Get the exact amount of power you need for your ride thanks to a sensor that attaches onto your crank.

brake sensors in an electric bike kit

Don’t worry about brake sensors – simply stop pedalling and the power will automatically be cut. An easy way to ensure a safe ride!

LCD display for UK ebike conversion kit

Need to keep an eye on your battery level or adjust your power assistance? Get the most out of your kit with a free LCD display that gives you full control over what matters!

throttle in an ebike conversion kit with battery

Get the most out of your motor without compromising on performance! Simply turn those pedals for an easy, legal boost.

FREE LCD Power Control with Ebike Conversion Kits

LCD controller powers by your eBike kit to adjust the assistance level of your ride.

Use this compact digital display to switch your kit on/off and to easily adjust power assistance. This LCD display is small, unobtrusive and sits neatly onto your handlebars and will display your speed and mileage.

Each order of an e-bike conversion kit arrives complete with a LCD4 Power Controller. Price: £49.99 FREE*

LCD display controller for uk ebike kits

Fitting Requirements

These retrofit e-bike kits require a medium level of mechanical ability to install. Every bike is different, and so you may need to make small adjustments to your bike setup for a successful installation. You purchase this kit on this basis. Many customers install these retrofit ebike kits without difficulty or with small adjustments only. If you feel you need a kit installed by us, we offer this service too. Learn more about our custom ebike kit installation here.

Before you order our UK electric bike kit, make sure to check your traditional dropout forks. They need a 10mm space within the dropout and 100 mm of space between the two for the electric wheel to fit – because nothing dampens your spirits more than an incompatible purchase!

electric wheel 10mm
100mm fork for ebike wheel
electric motor dimensions Cyclotricity

The Cyclotricity hub motor offers reliable electric power and is produced with the utmost care in Britain. It will fit most standard front forks, but if you have a narrow front fork, it’s important to measure your fork width against our dimensions chart – just as an extra assurance of compatibility!

Are your front forks unusually narrow? With the Cyclotricity electric wheel, you can be assess your bike and test that it will fit, if you have an uncommon size. Check out these specific measurements for your hub motor and get converting your bike to an ebike in no time!

What about the PAS sensor?

Great question! With our revolutionary internalisation of the controlling system, we have eased one installation task. However a PAS (Pedal Activated Sensor) is still necessary for smooth functioning and optimal performance – this sensor has been crafted in a traditional format with magnets that click together around your crank arm similar to those found on Swytch bike kits.

With a bit of effort, you can take your bike to the next level by installing our PAS conversion kit. However, due to differences between each bike frame and measurement requirements (at least 4 mm space needed!), fitting may not always be plain sailing. That’s why we’ve created an installation video so even those without experience can have a go – but don’t be afraid if things get tricky! With just some basic problem solving or help from an expert local bike shop if needed, you’ll soon have your new electric bike conversion kit up and running.

PAS sensor for UK ebike kits
How to install your magnetic disc, PAS sensor, and connect your cable.

If you need further technical help to install your PAS sensor, there are local bike shops in every town across the UK. Check your local bike mechanic has knowledge of this basic part and use their experience to complete your installation in no time!

In Praise of Your Local Bike Shop

For all your ebike needs, there’s no better place to go than the local bike shop. With experts on hand that have decades of experience in tinkering with bikes and parts, as well as a passion for helping customers get their rides up-and-running just how they want it – you can be sure you’re getting top quality service from dedicated professionals! Whether it’s advice or assistance fitting an electric kit PAS sensor – there’s nothing like building a relationship with those who really know what makes cycling special.

Find your local bike shop here!

bike shop installing eelectric bike kit
fast delivery of electric bike kits

UK Stock and Delivery

Have your kit delivered to the UK mainland with peace of mind, thanks to our trusted couriers. We’ll make sure it arrives, in two separate shipments, within just a few working days – simple and stress-free!

Warranties for eBike Kits

Investing in one of our kits can give you the peace-of-mind that your product is covered by an extensive manufacturer’s warranty. If a fault ever arises, simply open up a support ticket and we’ll work with you to address it efficiently and swiftly. Rest assured that should an unforeseen issue arise, help will be on hand. Just in case something goes wrong though, there are experts on hand to lend their expertise. To fix any issues quickly and smoothly, open up a support ticket as soon as possible. If prudent, we may arrange that you liaise with the manufacturer’s teams if further steps are needed.

The warranties provided by the manufacturers are:

Cyclotricity Motor Wheel12 months
YOSE POWER Battery12 months
Battery Mount with Internal Controller12 months
All consumables, cables and PAS are without warranty.

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    Weight 10 kg
    Dimensions 70 × 20 × 20 cm

    26 inch, 700C

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