SmartFit eBike Conversion Kit Review: New for 2023

Revolutionise your cycling experience with SmartFit, the sleek and hassle-free e-bike conversion kit that’s turning heads. In this in-depth review, we’ll explore how SmartFit effortlessly transforms your regular bike into an electrifying ride, providing a perfect blend of form and function.

Smartfit ebike conversion kit review

Give Your Bike A Boost: SmartFit eBike Conversion Kit Review

The SmartFit Advantage

A Minimalist Marvel for Your Bike

SmartFit’s allure lies in its simplicity and elegance. Consisting of just two main components – a geared front hub motor and a compact 5.8 Ah ‘bottle battery‘ – this kit seamlessly integrates with your bike’s aesthetics. The lightweight design ensures a neat fit on most bikes, preserving the sleek profile you love.

Easy Installation, No Sweat!

From Box to eBike in Minutes with Ebike Conversion Kit

Bid farewell to the complexities of installation. SmartFit’s user-friendly design allows for a quick and straightforward setup. Swapping out your regular wheel, connecting the Bluetooth controller, and integrating the app become a breeze. The bottle battery effortlessly mounts onto the down tube, and a single wire connects all the essential components, ensuring a hassle-free transformation of Smartfit ebike conversion kits.

ebike conversion kit with drone technology

Smooth Sailing on the Road

Performance That Impresses

Picture this: you’re on the open road, the wind in your hair, and your SmartFit-powered bike gliding effortlessly beneath you. This is the magic of SmartFit’s unparalleled performance – a symphony of power and precision that leaves a lasting impression.

SmartFit’s power delivery is nothing short of a revelation. The system engages with seamless finesse, responding in less than a second after the first pedal stroke. Feel the surge of energy as the motor seamlessly integrates into your cycling experience, providing that extra boost precisely when you need it.

But what truly sets SmartFit ebike conversion kit apart is its rapid response to your every move. As you bring the cranks to a halt, so does the system, ensuring a smooth and instantaneous stop. No abrupt halts, no jarring transitions – just a fluid and intuitive connection between rider and machine.

Our rigorous tests further showcased SmartFit’s prowess. At a 30% boost setting, the kit effortlessly conquered 20 miles of diverse terrain, including challenging hills. The power only began to taper off when the journey reached its 20-mile mark. This translates to a reliable and consistent performance, proving that a SmartFit electric bike conversion kit isn’t just about power; it’s about sustained and efficient power.

SmartFit’s performance isn’t confined to raw power alone. The LCD display, a visual gateway to the system, maintains a flawless Bluetooth connection, providing real-time data on power boost levels, speed readings, and current power settings. This user-friendly interface ensures that you’re always in control, effortlessly adjusting your ride to suit your preferences.

In essence, a SmartFit electric bike kit transforms your ordinary bike into a precision-engineered marvel, offering a ride that seamlessly blends the ease of electric assistance with the joy of traditional cycling. Experience the thrill of smooth sailing on the road – with SmartFit, the journey is not just a ride; it’s an adventure in every pedal stroke.

Smart Technology at Your Fingertips

The Display and App Experience with LVBU Bluetooth Wireless Controller

SmartFit doesn’t just stop at transforming your bike; it extends its innovation to your fingertips, providing an intuitive and connected cycling experience. Let’s dive into the seamless integration of SmartFit’s ebike display, app, and the sophisticated LVBU Bluetooth Wireless Controller.

The LCD display, a central hub of information, presents a user-friendly interface that keeps you in the know throughout your journey. From power boost levels to real-time speed readings and clear indicators of your current power settings, the display is your digital co-pilot. Mounted conveniently within view, its unobtrusive design ensures that your focus remains on the road.

Enter the LVBU Bluetooth Wireless Controller – a compact yet powerful accessory that puts you in control with just a touch. This wireless marvel effortlessly syncs with the SmartFit system, allowing you to adjust power settings and navigate through your ride with ease. The controller’s ergonomic design, coupled with intuitive button placement, ensures that your hands stay comfortably on the handlebars while you fine-tune your cycling experience.

But the SmartFit experience doesn’t end with physical controls – enter the SmartFit app, available for both Apple and Android users. The app extends the functionality of the system, providing a digital command centre at your fingertips. From monitoring battery levels to adjusting power modes and accessing firmware updates, the app ensures that you have complete control over your SmartFit ebike conversion kit, even when you’re off the saddle.

One notable feature is the USB charge port embedded in the top of the battery alongside the on-off switch and charging port. This practical addition ensures that your devices stay charged on the go, adding a modern touch to your cycling escapades.

Navigating through power boost levels is a breeze with the LVBU Bluetooth Wireless Controller. The display indicates the ebike kit’s power levels starting at around 5 kmph, automatically adjusting as you gain speed, with power gradually tapering off at approximately 25 kmph. The inclusion of up and down arrows simplifies the process, allowing you to easily identify and switch between power modes.

While some may worry about the inconvenience of adjusting settings during a ride, our experience debunked such concerns. The Bluetooth controller, with its quick and responsive buttons, proved to be a faff-free solution. Mounted conveniently next to the grip, changing power levels became a seamless part of the journey (test completed using 700C ebike conversion kit).

In essence, SmartFit’s commitment to smart technology is not just a feature; it’s a lifestyle. The synergy between the LVBU Bluetooth Wireless Controller, the LCD display, and the SmartFit electric bike conversion kit app creates a harmonious ecosystem that puts you in the driver’s seat of your electrified adventure. With a SmartFit ebike conversion kit, control is not just a button press away – it’s at your fingertips, making every ride a personalised and connected experience.

Beyond Expectations: The SmartFit Road Test
Lightweight, Fast, and Effortless Ebike Conversion kit with Battery

Our road test on a leisure bike affirmed SmartFit’s worth. Effortlessly fitting into our Argos hybrid in just 20 minutes, the SmartFit transformed our ride into an e-bike experience. The handling remained bike-like, even at higher speeds, offering a dynamic experience above the motor cut-out limit of 15.5 mph.

In the realm of lightweight retrofit electric kits, SmartFit stands tall, and when compared to contenders like Boost Bike, it reveals a distinct edge that goes beyond the road. Let’s dissect the competition and unravel why SmartFit is a superior choice for your e-bike conversion.

While Boost Bike may be a worthy adversary, SmartFit swoops in with a compelling advantage: a price tag that’s approximately £150 lighter on the pocket. Not only does SmartFit offer an enticing conversion experience, but it does so without burning a hole in your wallet. Affordability meets innovation, making SmartFit the go-to choice for those seeking an electrifying transformation without breaking the bank.

Delivery time is often a crucial factor in the world of e-bike conversions. Here, SmartFit doesn’t just compete; it triumphs. Boasting a delivery window that’s 1 – 3 weeks earlier than Boost Bike, SmartFit ensures you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the enhanced ride. This prompt delivery not only adds convenience but showcases SmartFit’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Have you seen the delivery times for the Swytch ebike kit, by the way?

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter – the battery. SmartFit and Boost Bike share a common ground with their bottle battery sizes. SmartFit boasts a 5.8 Ah battery, while Boost Bike inches slightly ahead with a 6 Ah counterpart. However, as any seasoned e-bike enthusiast will tell you, the true measure lies not in claimed ranges but in the verifiable amps per hour specification of the battery.

Here’s where SmartFit makes a bold statement. Rather than relying on unverifiable claims, SmartFit stands firm on the principle of transparency. The 5.8 Ah battery specification is not just a number; it’s a commitment to providing riders with a reliable and measurable metric. In a landscape often clouded by ambitious range figures, SmartFit’s emphasis on tangible battery specifications adds a layer of authenticity to your expectations.

In essence, when choosing between SmartFit and Boost Bike, it’s not just about the price or the delivery time; it’s about aligning with a brand that values transparency, affordability, and promptness. SmartFit emerges not just as a conversion kit but as a promise – a promise to redefine your cycling experience with unmatched value and reliability. Choose SmartFit, and let your ride speak volumes about your discerning choice.

Get Ready to Transform Your Ride!

In conclusion, SmartFit emerges as a game-changer in the world of e-bike conversion kits with battery. Ideal for leisure and sport riders alike, it seamlessly integrates power assistance without compromising the essence of your ride. Don’t miss out – grab your SmartFit now and experience cycling in a whole new light!

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