Compare 2 Best Swytch Alternatives in UK

Swytch Kit Alternative?

This article has now been updated (November 2022) to reflect the smaller battery that now comes with Swytch kits .

includes comparisons Swytch kits vs easyfit

Finding the right eBike conversion kit can feel overwhelming. There are plenty of Swytch alternatives, and it’s tempting to go for the big name brand, but take your time, peel back the marketing and compare the alternatives out there before buying. Our Swytch kit alternative kit gives more power to your battery, a less clunky look and a significant cost-saving. Plus, you can have your e-bike kit delivered tomorrow.

swytch kit alternatives

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Thinking of buying a Swytch kit?

You’ve reviewed the Swytch bike kit, but what questions should you be asking before you buy?

What is the cost?

swytch kit cost

When you compare e-bike kits, one of the most important questions is “how much does it cost?” It shouldn’t be the most important question but consider much does a Swytch kit costs? Good question. Amazon shows the Swytch kit costs £999 plus delivery. Consider the alternative smartfit ebike kit is £599 including next day delivery and it’s a comparison you can’t ignore.

How powerful is it?

swytch battery power

Whilst most e-bike kits share the same motor, how much use you’ll get from it comes down to the battery. The battery is where a straight comparison can be made. The Swytch kit comes with a 2.7 Ah lithium battery pack. The Swytch alternative smartfit kit has a 3 x powerful 8.7Ah lithium battery pack as standard.

Is it in stock?

swytch kit in stock

Are stock of the Swytch kit available in the UK? Who knows, the website says to ‘Sign up’. The alternative Easyfit eBike kit is in stock in the UK today, for delivery to you tomorrow.

Compare Swytch Alternatives

See how smartfit compares against alternative eBike conversion kits

Pay less for a more powerful e-bike kit, easier on the eye and available to buy in UK today

FeatureSwytch Kitsmartfit
Fitted TyreNoYes
Power2.7 Ah8.7 Ah
Range*9 miles30 miles
Top Speed15.5 mph15.5 mph
PAS InstallRequiredIntegrated
Brake InstallRequiredIntegrated
Front Motor250 W250 W
Mobile App ControlNoYes
Delivery**Not KnownTomorrow
Warranty1 year1 year
* based on trials on fairly flat gravel track **as advertised at
Drone positioning software controls the power assistance

Our ebike kits combine the hardware used in drones with software algorithms to remove annoying pedal sensors and brake sensors.

These smartfit ebike kits include:

  • Induction braking system
  • 6 high-sensitivity speed-measuring magnets
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Incline degrees detection
  • GPS location data for anti-theft tracking
smart ebike kit software
Drone technology calculates the right amount of pedal assistance computing your speed and incline

5 years of research removes PAS, brake sensors and handlebar controller.

controller for easi fit ebike kits
Smart PAS controller

Smart Fit ebike kits have in-built intelligence

  • Integrated gyroscope calculates position
  • Integrated peddle assist sensors
  • Automated motor sensor
  • Includes anti-theft GPS tracking
  • No need for PAS or brake sensor fitting

Anti-theft GPS tracking gives you piece of mind

The onboard e-bike computer is the latest must-have piece of cycling technology. It not only calculates your position and speed, but also features peddle assist sensors and an automated motor sensor, so you can get the most out of your ride. The integrated gyroscope ensures that you stay on track, while the anti-theft GPS tracking system keeps your bike safe and sound.

The integrated gyroscope ensures that you stay on track, while the anti-theft GPS tracking system keeps your bike safe and sound. Of course, you should take all the necessary security steps including using a suitable lock. An extra level of security is provided when you activate the locking function from your smartphone. This disables your motor and activates an alarm should your converted ebike be moved. Should it be necessary, your bike can be tracked when the battery is used using the inbuilt GPS tracking.

Anti-theft tracking scenario

Carl had been grabbing his breakfast on a crowded street in London. He was balancing his coffee on top of a garbage can and chatting with some friends when he realised his bike was gone – vanished.

“What happened to my bike?”

Smart ebike kit anti-theft explainer
Smart eBike kits have GPS tracking

Easier to install than Swytch?

swytch alternative
No tyre fitting
swytch brake sensors not needed
No brake sensors
swytch pedal sensor fitting
No PAS fitting

More powerful than Swytch?

Focus on features that matter. Don’t believe the hype.

  • More powerful 8.7 Ah lithium battery
  • World’s most proven motor supplier
  • 250W Bafang front motor
  • 45 km typical range
  • Telephone, video and email support
pedal assist system for ebike kits
Intelligent Pedal Assist

Easier to install than Swytch?

arrives complete with your tyre pre-installed
free fitted tyre with easyfit ebike kits
easyfit ebike kits have pre-fitted tyres and inner tube

Swytch kit lacking a tyre? That’s one job you shouldn’t need to worry about.

  • Pre-fitted tyre saves you hassle
  • Quality Kendra tyre
  • Included within RRP price
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